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Skopje is the capital of Macedonia, a large part of the city is newly built, as many buildings collapsed during the earthquake in 1963. The city’s most attractive neighborhood is Skopje old town with its bazaar. The area is full of shops and restaurants, and it is also here that you’ll find The Church of Holy Savior and most of the monuments from the Ottoman Empire era. The old town has atmosphere and charm and five hundred years of Ottoman influence in the region have left Skopje with a distinct oriental feel and look. Many of these interesting and important historical and cultural monuments from that period remained and are the real tourist attraction and on this tour, we shall visit most of them. Among them is Sultan Murat Mosque also known as Mustafa Pasha Mosque built by Sultan Murat II, the Ottoman Inns (Hans), and the Old Bazaar which is a genuine Balkan experience with many small streets and houses, handicraft shops, restaurants and coffee places. If we cross the River Vardar over the ancient Stone Bridge which has been the symbol of Skopje and is the characteristic element of the coat of arms of the city and heads to the newer part of the town on the right side of the river. On the newly rebuilt Macedonia square, we’ll see the grandiose statue of Alexander the Great, the other statues and new interesting buildings around the square. Walking along the main street, Macedonia Street, we’ll come to Mother Teresa’s memorial house. The Peace Nobel Prize winner Mother Teresa was born and brought up not so far away from the memorial house.



Visit the church St.Panteleimon on the Mountain Vodno and the Millennium Cross where will be able to see a panoramic view of the City of Skopje and the beautiful landscape of the surrounding mountains and their green valleys. We continue to Canyon Matka where we will have the opportunity to enjoy the many amenities of the canyon. Visitors have a possibility to go to the deepest cave Vrelo. Here is the oldest Christian church right away which dates from the 13th century and speaks of the Macedonian tradition.


Macedonian wine story is a story with countless characters, flavors and secret recipes that have been traditionally transmitted for centuries from generation to generation. “It’s a story that knows no beginning or end” – this is a statement of Macedonian winemakers who are very proud of their tradition of growing grapevines from many different and unique grape varieties and wine production. The wine in Macedonia is one of the symbols of the country along with the sun, the delicious and tasty food and the endless natural beauty. According to ancient storytellers that you will meet on plantations of grapevines the greatest secret of the Macedonian wines is the Sun that in the region of the Republic of Macedonia gives its specificity of each grape. When you start from Veles to Kavadarci, Negotino, Demir Kapija to Gevgelija your tour will be overloaded with Vineyards and large or small wineries which in a very authentic way with its architecture tell the Macedonian wine story.

In the past ten years, Macedonia intensively is developing wine tourism with small Wineries that through original atmosphere takes you back to the past and tradition of enjoying wine and life. From the capital Skopje to the south of the country already there is a number of wine houses and wineries, functioning as a real small oasis. We offer several wonderful wine tours for all those fans of pleasure, tasting of really good wines and authentic Macedonian food.

Those who once saw Macedonia must remember the taste of the wines from this country and the irresistible charm of these regions.



The city of Ohrid with its 365 churches – one for each day of the year, recognized as a world heritage of the United Nations and a lake protected by UNESCO, wonderful beaches and very cheap prices is a mystery how could remain as a well-hidden secret for Western tourists. The town is situated by the lake Ohrid and gives you the feeling of that cool Mediterranean feel of crystal clear water, gravel beaches and watermelon crops along the side of the roads. Here you can find old churches, mosques, and museums that hold firmly in the country’s fascinating but bloody history. Although churches are among the main attractions, many of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, there are also other attractions well worth visiting. In the old city, which is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, there are stunning places to experience among the old houses and the small, winding and stone cobbled streets.


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